I keep getting asked what is the best camera to capture photos...I am always in the belief that when taking photos, it is more about the moment than the buttons or what camera you are using! A camera is the means to an end. It is a tool that allows you to capture the vision in front of you. Whether its a smart device or a top DSLR, the moment can be missed in a fraction of a second

My name is Jose Moreno and i  pretty much started my photographic life soon after being born because my dad shot so many photos of me on his Kodak Retina that he brought over from Spain and printed in his family photos in our laundry. That really started something with me

I wish I could play the guitar better but fortunately my other love is taking photos of people and help inspire those to take photos, to take better photos.  Most of all I love seeing the spark in peoples eyes when I do something for them. I guess I'm a people person and I struggle holding back my enthusiasm when i see something I love..especially my wife Trish and daughter Hollie.


All photos on this site were taken by Joe Moreno.